Aksel offers communications solutions allowing ambulance services to focus on their critical tasks rather than technology issues.


ratownictwo medyczne


Sometimes fractions of a second can make a difference between life and death. It is why speed and precision of transmitted information is of critical importance.


Digital Mobile Radio systems – uninterrupted access to voice communications and transmission of information is critical, regardless of where the rescuers are located or heading to. The equipment must operate reliably in all conditions. Digital MOTOTRBO™ radios provide reliable communications and enhanced functionalities of the communications system during rescue operations.


Dispatcher systems – Aksel offers its proprietary ConSEL dispatcher system, operating with MOTOTRBO devices. ConSEL dispatcher console allows for voice communications, text messaging, alarm detection, user positioning and much more. The application has been implemented in various areas, achieving a dominating position in the Medical Emergency (Ambulance Services, Falck, TOPR, WOPR) sector.