Depending on the system design and its complexity (the number and type of installed sensors and devices the system communicates with), the software supports tracking of the following parameters:

  • Vehicle location
  • Current data from the vehicle: fuel level in the tank, driver data and other (electrical power of the main generator, water and oil temperature, diesel engine revs, etc.)
  • Analysis of historical data: route covered, operational data – fuel consumption, work time, detection of irregularities in the fuel consumption.


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The advantages of our proprietary ConSEL software include:

  • Full system mobility - the client/dispatcher computer can be any station with internet access, allowing for tracking of locomotives from any location via any web browser
  • Full flexibility and possibility for automatic software update
  • Resistance to local equipment failure
  • Resistance to user errors
  • No need for maintenance and operation of a local network on the client's side due to GPS location system
  • No need to store archived data in case of a web version (the data is stored by the software vendor)
  • Possibility for real-time reporting of defects and faults in vehicles via predefined alerts, including:

- fuel loss at stops
- fuel loss with vehicle in motion
- logging errors (no card)
- malfunctions of equipment such as fuel probe, RFID card reader, GPS antenna or backup battery

  • Possibility to refresh data on the numerical reports page
  • Flexibility and openness of software - possibility to add extra functions to suit client's needs.