The XT400 Series radios are rugged devices making everyday job more efficient.

The XT400 Series radios are rugged devices making everyday job more efficient.
Both models are XTNi-compatible in terms of channel frequencies and codes (possibility to clone settings using a special cable or a multi-unit charger).


motorola seria xt400


The new series is robust and resistant to unfavourable conditions and harsh intense use – the chassis uses metal die-casting technology, and the radios meet the requirements of the US Military Standard 810 and IP55 rating.  Motorola has subjected the radios to a strenuous accelerated life test, simulating up to five years of field use (constant rain and wind for 30 minutes on all surfaces of the device, up to 9 hours of vibrations simulating carrying or transport, 48 hours of exposure to salt spray, blowing dust on all surfaces for 6 hours, 18 shock with a minimal strength of 40 g each).  The housing is covered with antimicrobial coating, preventing the growth of mould and germs on the radio's surface.  The radios allow for channel aliases, i.e. assigning user-defined names to channels (in XT460). Non-display radios use channel announcements for confirmation (channel announcements notify the user of the currently selected channel; there are 16 pre-recorded channel names available, corresponding to specific departments, such as customer services, security, etc.) – you don't have to check the settings or remove the radio from the belt or holster.  Transmission can be voice-activated (VOX feature), even without additional audio accessories – useful e.g. in installation companies. The XT420 and XT460 deliver high-quality audio, with a built-in powerful 1500 mW loudspeaker, ensuring the conversations can be heard even at a construction site over operating machinery.  The range is up to 9 kilometres in line of sight (subject to terrain and conditions).  The radios have a battery life of up to 20 hours (in battery saving mode and 5/5/90 duty cycle) with standard LiIon battery with a capacity of 2150 mAh.  Audio accessories are XTNi/XTNiD-compatible, allowing for efficient use of communications resources in the organisation.




Available accessories



Motorola HKLN4599A   |   Headset (D-style earpiece) with in-line microphone and PTT


Motorola HKLN4605A   |   Headset (earbud) with in-line microphone and PTT


Motorola HKLN4604A   |   Headset (swivel earpiece) with in-line microphone and PTT


Motorola HKLN4601A   |   Headset with acoustic tube for discreet use (in-line microphone + PTT)


Motorola HKLN4606A   |   Remote Speaker Microphone


Motorola HKLN4510A   |   Belt clip for XT420


Motorola RLN6302A   |   Hard leather carry case for XT420


Motorola PMNN4434AR   |   Standard 2100 mAh LiIon battery


Motorola PMNN4453AR   |   3000 mAh LiIon battery


Motorola HKKN4027A   |   Programming cable


Motorola HKKN4028A   |   Cloning cable


Motorola PMLN6393A   |   Single-unit charger


Motorola PMLN6385A   |   Multi-unit charger