The CLP446e radio is a successor to the popular CLP446 model, using a non-licensed frequency band (in the EU).

With the CLP446e you can improve the efficiency and ergonomic of retail operations using radio communications between workers. Using the CLP446e also allows for time savings, more efficient customer service and social distancing. Instant communications facilitates quick responses to customer requests and top-level service.

The CLP446e is compact, light and easy to use, and allows for instant communications with a single press of the PTT button. You can quickly check the information from the radio with the Smart Status glow ring, and with louder and clearer audio you will reduce the number of missed calls. The radio is protected with a durable housing and long-lasting battery.

CLP446e radios ensure efficient daily operations and can be tailored to the work environment with a broad range of accessories, including various chargers, carry cases and earpieces.




Technical data:

• 16 PMR channels1
• PMR446 frequency band2
• PL codes: 39 standard + 6 custom
• 219 privacy codes - DPL codes: 84 standard + 84 inverted + 6 custom
• range up to 7,400 m2 / 6 floors3
• RF power output: 0.5 W
• Li-Ion battery
• battery life: up to 20 hours4


1  Restricted to 8 channels in Russia by law. See user guide. 8 channels available by default, expandable to 16.
2  Only 446.0-446.1 MHz analogue frequencies available by default.446.1–446.2 MHz analogue frequencies should be used only in countries where they are allowed by government authorities.
3  The actual range achieved will vary depending on terrain and local conditions.

4  Average battery life at 5/5/90 duty cycle, transmitter in high power mode. Actual battery runtime may vary.


Radio features:

• channel scanning

• voice-activated transmit (VOX)

• feature programming capability using CPS (Customer Programming Software)

• cloning with cable, with multi-unit charger (MUC), with single-unit charger and cable

• 8 colours indicating: active channel, radio transmit and receive, scan, volume level, mute, and battery status.



Pakiet standardowy zawiera:
• Radiotelefon CLP446e
• Futerał z obrotowym zaczepem do paska
• Akumulator litowo-jonowy i pokrywę komory akumulatora
• Ładowarka jednostanowiskowa
• Zestaw słuchawkowy PMLN8077 z przyciskiem PTT
• Osłona gniazda audio
• Skrócona instrukcja obsługi, broszura bezpieczeństwa RF, ulotka RED


Radios can also be supplied with other audio accessory and charger configurations.


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Available accessories



Motorola PMLN8190   |   Surveillance earpiece with in-line PTT button


Motorola PMLN8125   |   CLPe in-line PTT earpiece with short cord


Motorola PMLN8077   |   CLPe in-line PTT earpiece with standard cord



Motorola PMLN8068   |   PCLPe earpiece replacement ear tip (small, 5-pack)


Motorola PMLN8069   |   CLPe earpiece replacement ear tip (medium, 5-pack)

Motorola PMLN8070   |   CLPe earpiece replacement ear tip (large, 5-pack)

Motorola HKNN4013A   |   Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery, 1800 mAh



Motorola 8064   |   CLPe Series magnetic case kit


Motorola PMLN8065   |   CLPe Series belt clip holster replacement kit

Motorola IXPN4028A   |   CLP/CLPe Series single unit charger kit


Motorola IXPN4029B   |   CLPe Series multi-unit charger kit


Motorola HKKN4027A   |   Business radio CPS cable kit for device programming


Motorola HKKN4028A   |   Business radio cloning cable kit for copying device settings between radios