For more than 20 years, Aksel is Motorola Solutions' leading authorized distributor in Poland.

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Motorola is an undisputed global leader in radio communications, manufacturer of TETRA digital radio systems, licenced and licence-free two-way radios (analog and DMR standard), accessories and applications. Motorola's top-class, innovative technologies support our clients in critical moments.

Regardless of the character of work, from monitoring a production line, reporting a construction site accident or managing a large event to running a fleet of taxis or directing a rescue operation, Motorola's equipment performs perfectly in any conditions. It ensures continuous flow of information and helps in decision making, especially in crisis situations. Reliable communications improves the efficiency of operations, enhances the quality of services and personnel safety.

Whether you need ultra-thin portable radios or extremely tough terminals for operation in explosive environment, mobile radios, repeaters, data transmission applications or accessories – Motorola's products are suited to the size and needs of every company.


Aksel's solutions based on Motorola equipment are a guarantee of quality and reliability.





Aksel's offer of Motorola products includes:


DMR digital portable and mobile radios – MOTOTRBO™ is a universal communications system offering many improvements over traditional digital radios, including better audio quality and better coverage, enhanced call privacy, extended battery life. Better audio quality – clearly understandable transmission without interference, better coverage – the voice is strong and clear until the coverage limit, better performance – two times more calls than in an analog system, and much more. MOTOTRBO radios can operate both in analog and digital mode, depending on the system currently used by the client.


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Radio systems – scalable solutions allowing to increase the number of system users, cover a new production facility, connect employees at a remote location or gain access to voice and data transmission without adding new frequencies.


TETRA digital portable and mobile terminals – a broad range of devices meeting the requirements of many industries, from transport and industry to public safety and municipal services.


Professional analog portable and mobile radios and licence-free PMR446 – both for clearly functional and more advanced applications, we offer devices for any company from any industry.


Find out more about our broad range of innovative products and solutions and choose the equipment that meets your needs.